Aspire MRO Services

We specialise in Passenger to Freight conversion and Widebody heavy maintenance operating within Fort Worth Alliance Airport in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.


Passenger to Freighter Conversion

Demand is strong for Freighter aircraft and fleets gain new value from their aging passenger aircraft by converting them to freighter planes.

After P2F conversion, a fleet can continue using the aircraft or sell it to freight operators.

At our facility, we remove the seating and cut a cargo door into the aircraft. Next, we retrofit the aircraft with a cargo loading system. We certify all of these modifications so that the aircraft is ready for another 10 to 15 years of service for cargo transport.

Benefits of working with Aspire MRO

Extended Lifespan

Optimized fleet usage

Cost savings

Widebody Heavy Maintenance

The aviation industry depends on maintenance checks to keep wide-body aircraft in top condition for their full lifespans. Our technicians put in thousands of maintenance hours completing these heavy maintenance checks. During the maintenance check, we inspect an aircraft’s structure, including load-bearing elements of the fuselage and wings. We look for corrosion and damage and execute repairs as needed. Finally, all fittings and cables receive thorough lubrication.

A heavy maintenance check is more extensive and takes more time because it is a comprehensive inspection of the entire aircraft. This process requires taking apart the whole plane. As this is done, problems are corrected, and expiring parts are replaced. Refurbishment of the cabin with new interiors is common a heavy maintenance visit. When everything is done, we reassemble the aircraft.

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